Clear prices for each goods or services

Clear prices for each goods or services:

Price by ml (linéar mètre) or pc (pièce)

angle 20cm /ml : 110€

step /ml : 110€

arche 20cm large/ ml : 250€

fire place /pc : 3500€

kitchen plan /ml: 400€

sink /pc : 1500€

well border by ml of diameter : 1300€


All prices are indicative here because all the products are made to measure, a quote is required for each and taken is customizable.

Transport : 350€ 
lay: 500€ / day

– By your care under your responsibility
– By a professional under his responsibility
– or by my care according to the request and my availability.

I move to make small adjustments necessary to the extent that the product was laid in the rule of art, otherwise, the adjustments will be made by people who have put the wrong product, I decline any responsibility on these bad ways.